Lung Force
Online Store

advancing lung cancer awareness.

Project + Solution.

LUNG FORCE, led by the American Lung Association, engaged E Group to develop an online store and rewards program to advance awareness for the cause and support of lung health.

E Group created an easy-to-shop LUNG FORCE store, offering an exclusive collection of official LUNG FORCE swag featuring the brand’s signature icon and turquoise hue. We develop products that breathe new life into the LUNG FORCE brand and embody pride. Supporters are excited to wear their new attire around the community and spark positive conversation about the cause. E Group also manages custom orders, site maintenance, reporting, warehousing and fulfillment, and customer service.

a FORCE against lung cancer.

LUNG FORCE, led by the American Lung Association, unites women and their loved ones across the country to stand together for lung health and against lung cancer.

growing fundraising efforts each day.

Together, we advance awareness for LUNG FORCE and the cause of defeating lung cancer. Public supporters as well as employees of the foundation purchase apparel or other wearables to display at local events. Fund-raisers redeem exclusive gear with points accrued through LUNG FORCE Walks. In turn, fundraising efforts grow each day with the expert application of custom branded merchandise and marketing incentives that say "thank you".

easy-to-shop collection.